Missions & Goals

Our Missions

To support, celebrate, and empower AAPI faculty, staff, and students by fostering an inclusive community that provides both personal and professional opportunities for networking, communication & growth.

Our Goals

  • Enhancing education and dialogue on issues affecting members of the AAPI community.
  • Advocating policies that support and protect the AAPI community and combat discrimination, microaggression, harassment, and violence against the AAPI community.
  • Assisting in the recruitment, support, and retention of AAPI faculty, staff, and students as well as steady growth of the AAPI community as a whole.
  • Supporting leadership and career development and advancement among AAPI faculty, staff, and students, in part by providing opportunities for professional and social networking and mentoring.
  • Fostering the exchange of diverse intellectual, social and cultural perspectives.
  • Collaborating with other affinity groups to build a diverse, inclusive, engaging, intellectual, and social learning environment for everyone in the University and Alabama.